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Campus Addresses


Questions and Answers

How do I address mail to an MSU building?

Use the Address Lookup tool on this page or the map on the About & Map page to locate the address and then read the instructions and follow the examples on the Instructions & Examples page.

Should building occupants use “room” or suite”?

The U.S. Post Office does not allow addresses to use both “rooms” and “suites in the same building” thus it has been decided that MSU will use the “rooms” designation for all campus addresses with two exceptions which are the Nisbet and Manly Miles buildings.

How do I address residence hall buildings that have a “north, south, east, west” wing?

While some residence halls on campus often are referred to by a directional designation, the official building names do not include such a designation. To ensure proper emergency response and mail delivery, please use the directional designation with the room number. For example, Room 41 in what is commonly referred to as North Wonders Hall should be designated as:
Wonders Hall
891 Birch Rd Rm N41
East Lansing MI  48825

Can I just use my building name during an emergency when I call for help?

The consolidated functions of many different first responders into one dispatching location will tremendously complicate the use of a building name to identify your location. This is because those dispatchers will not have first-hand knowledge of our previous addressing system. It will require the caller to identify their location by the locatable street address and specific room within that facility. If you fail to do this, it may significantly delay emergency response to assist you. In all classrooms on campus the address and room number is posted on the "Classroom Emergency Guidelines".

Should I use ZIP +4 codes?

The U.S. post office has asked the campus to refrain from using ZIP +4 codes since they change frequently and will probably change as part of this process. USPS has assured us that all mail will be delivered correctly without using the 4-digit codes. However, some units need the ZIP +4 when performing the day-to-day business operations of the University. Campus Address and EBS teams are evaluating options for including the ZIP+4 codes in building and people address, users can look up the full zip code at the USPS (www.usps.com) website to determine ZIP +4.

Do services such as Google Maps, Mapquest, etc. work with campus addresses?

Unfortunately, it will take some time for the addressing updates to work on mapping services such as Google Maps, MapQuest, Garmin, etc. MSU has no control over these services, which all pull their mapping data from different sources. MSU representatives are working to reach out to the major services to update them with new and changed addresses.
As for global positioning systems (GPS), the coordinates for any location on campus are the same as when the facility was built; addresses have no impact on GPS coordinates.

What is LACS?

LACS stands for Locatable Address Change Service. This is a service provided by the U.S. Postal Service for instances where a person remains at the same location but their address changes. Typically this has been used when rural-style addresses are converted to street-style addresses but more recently it is used to accommodate the need to change addresses to provide 9-1-1 emergency services more accurately and locatable addresses. It also includes a system to re-direct mail to a new address. This means that any mail using the old address will be automatically processed by the USPS for delivery to the new address. It does not, however, provide any notification to the sender, so MSU departments will be expected to make an effort to notify their constituents (i.e. vendors, clients, patients, donors, etc) of a new address.