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MSU Campus Addressing Project

What is it?
The Campus Addressing Project has been established to assign an addressing grid for the MSU campus and provide a locatable address for all MSU facilities. For a general timeline on when your building will be given its new address, click on ‘Timeline’ at the top right of this page.

There are three important reasons to make this change: Improving general public safety response, requirements for 9-1-1 enhanced dispatching services, and the ability to use maps/navigation applications. With the rapid advances in technology, and the integration of this technology in providing more accurate and timely response to emergencies, it has become necessary to position MSU to take advantage of these systems. Our current mode of using building names to communicate location does not conform to modern databases and prevents the campus from taking advantage of updated and improved emergency response systems.

DEM HALL and CHESTNUT road signs

With respect to public safety response, the increases in cooperative governmental operations including currently combined dispatch offices, more clearly underscored the need to adopt a commonly understood and accepted practice of addressing systems. When MSU joined the East Lansing/Meridian Township Dispatch Center we gained economies with a lower staff cost, but lost familiarity with those employees on how our campus lays out on a map. Emergency first responders across the nation are trained to locate calls for service using a street address. Our current system of using a room number and building name is not used in any municipalities of our size and requires that first responders memorize a map of buildings with no logical ordering of their placement.

In the near future we will move our dispatch duties to a dispatch center that will dispatch for all agencies in Ingham County and those dispatchers will not be familiar with our campus. As local governments continue to see decreases in funding, mutual aid assistance will become more common. It is now very possible to have a fire or emergency medical services unit from other responding agencies called to a campus emergency and be unfamiliar with our campus. Those units rely on highly precise address information provided by computer-aided dispatch and records systems that also support Global Positioning System (GPS) location assistance. Changing our addressing system will enable improved efforts to deal with a mass casualty or large scale disaster response using mutual aid agencies.

In regards to the 9-1-1 enhanced dispatch requirements, legislation has been passed that will require every landline telephone capable of calling 9-1-1 to specifically identify the location from which the call originated. Having a U.S. Postal Service approved address system on campus will increase our safety and compliance by clearly identifying locations requesting assistance.

Finally, the benefits of this type of addressing system go beyond public safety and include improved locatable addresses in their mapping for GPS devices, improved post and parcel delivery, improved Geographical Information System (GIS) and mapping abilities.

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